Bond Loan Information

Black Earth Farming has bonds outstanding at a nominal value of SEK 750 million with a 9.40% annual coupon rate maturing in October 2017. The bonds are listed on Nasdaq OMX Corporate Bond list. The main covenant stipulates a maximum total debt to total equity ratio of 75%. Please see the full prospectus for more in depth information.

Exchange Listing: OMX Nordic Exchange - Corporate Bond List
Trade symbol: BEFO 101 03

Title Type Size  
LOAN NO.3, SEK 750 MILLION 9.40% BONDS 2013/2017 PROSPECTUS PDF 1.1 MB Add to Briefcase
LOAN NO.2, SEK 750 MILLION 10% BONDS 2010/2014 PROSPECTUS PDF 1.3 MB Add to Briefcase
LOAN NO.1, EUR 55 MILLION 13% BONDS 2007/2011 PROSPECTUS PDF 3.3 MB Add to Briefcase

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